My Magic Grandpa + Magic School Bus Crossover

Date Posted: July 1st, 2019, 3:50 pm

Author Notes

Coach and Ms. Frizzle would probably be the best worst team up in history, as Suzie is learning as they careen through the Otherworld in the bus which has transformed in to a much more compact golf cart. She knew she should have stayed home today…

I was obsessed with The Magic School Bus when I was a kid, I was subscribed to the book club so that I’d get a book and a science project every month relating to the book, so eventually I had the entire collection! I don’t have it now but I still fondly watch the show sometimes! (Not the new one, the new one stinks)

I want My Magic Grandpa to not only be fun, but educational as well at times, letting people learn about mythology, weird food, travel, and other little random tidbits.