My Magic Grandpa + Gravity Falls Crossover

Date Posted: February 4th, 2019, 9:22 pm

Author Notes

Invasion of the costumers! Mabel and Dipper return to Oregon, but this time get to visit the city of Roseland! [Portland] There they discover even the city has its own weird fauna...

There are people in Roseland who absently wander around in silly costumes who do crazy, weird things that no one can quite explain. Are they possessed? Is it a curse? Whatever it is, once they put on one of these costumes, they become obsessed with wearing it and staying in character! And it looks like Dipper got himself trapped! If Mabel and Suzie are going to help him, they need to get away to make a plan.

It would be easier to spot them if it weren't commonplace for people to run around in costumes who aren't under the influence of this dark(?) magic.


So I have a goal active on my patreon where I will draw crossover fan art between My Magic Grandpa and the various things that served as inspirations for the series. Patrons voted and the result for the first one is Gravity Falls!
Which, honestly I think is perfect considering Gravity Falls really sparked my realization that the place I grew up was a perfect setting for what I needed, and I didn't need to go out of my way to make new worlds but instead rely more on my nostalgia. I grew up near Portland, Oregon, and yes people in weird costumes is normal here, yes we have a Pioneer Day and it's awful and amazing at the same time, also we basically worship salmon.
My Magic Grandpa is aimed towards an older audience, teens and adults mainly, but I hope it can bring that same weird fun that Gravity Falls offered.

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