My Magic Grandpa + Coraline Crossover

Date Posted: May 2nd, 2019, 10:54 am

Author Notes

Went to the hospital a couple weeks which really threw me off but here's last month's crossover art!

Coraline holds a really special place in my heart, the move was made in my home area, in Portland, and I got to tour the studio as a kid while it was under production. They couldn't give us much, just that it was about a girl finding another dimension through her wall. I waited for it excitedly and when the trailer came out it went beyond my expectations.

Laika studios aren't far from me, and I'm always open to the idea of working for them some day, but for now I can enjoy their movies.

As for Suzie's Other parents, her other dad loves gardening and her other mother is some kind of genius scientist! This'll be tough for Suzie to let go!