She's got straight As, her only friends are her studies, and she likes to pride herself as one of the only normal kids in her school. Well, only up until her missing grandfather showed up wielding a magic golfclub. Yes, MAGIC. As a girl of science, facts, and logic, things like magic and otherworldly beings were once just made up myths to Suzie Sterling. But not any more, now she's suddenly being dragged off in to the weird, magical, and paranormal with her eccentric and odd Grandpa, Coach. How's a girl supposed to go on crazy adventures AND keep good grades?! Rated YA FAQ: http://www.mymagicgrandpa.com/about Note: Author is JitterbugJive. The other author is helping with site design.

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‘My Magic Grandpa’ is something that I’m drawing in my free time, and I need the extra support to help spare that time. This is a large project, 5 seasons longs with 10 ‘volumes’ each which consist of 2-3 chapters each, and it will no doubt take me a good many years to complete. With financial boosts for the project, this time can be cut shorter and I can do things like hiring artists to help or just getting me an uber order when I don’t have food I can prepare quickly. Being a comic artist is really hard work!

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