Suzie Sterling lives in a strange and beautiful place, and because of her magical grandpa she has to balance between school and the world of the supernatural. [RATED YA FOR MILD LANGUAGE AND SOME HORROR ELEMENTS]

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10 page pilot to the series

The Reaper's Cabin

A boy wakes up in Limbo and has an encounter with Death.

Chapter 1 - Leaving the Cave

Suzie reunites with her strange grandpa, and gets introduced to magic.

Chapter 2 - Another Chick in the Mall

Suzie's strange grandpa brings her to the mall, and she soon learns there's more to this mall than she could ever imagine.

Chapter 3 - A Winkle in Time

Coach introduces Suzie to a mystical acquaintance of his in order to solve a problem and get advice.

Chapter 4 - The Tantamount Tot

Coach and Suzie persue a little girl who's not what she seems.

Chapter 5 - Affection Starved

Coach and Suzie have to help a changeling remember who and what she is in order to bring back the original child who was replaced.

Chapter 6 - To Tide Us Over

Coach takes Suzie to a rainy beach in order to share more about himself with her.

Chapter 7 - The Royal Treatment

Suzie meets a mysterious man with no memories, and helps him find his workplace where even more mysteries unfold.

Chapter 8 - I Am Not Amused

A rogue muse is giving artists horrible art block! How can Coach and Suzie appease it and return the inspiration it stole?

Chapter 9 - I Am VERY Amused

With an ex artist who refuses to take her muse back, Suzie has to figure out a solution for the muse who can't let her go.

Chapter 10 - Very Superstitious

Coach takes Suzie to a little coffee shop to meet a couple of his odd acquaintances. Little does she know, this will lead her to her creepiest adventure yet!

Chapter 11 - The Haunted Carnival

Coach and Suzie have tickets to a mysterious haunted carnival, but just how haunted is it?

Hiatus Fanart

Fan art for the hiatus

Chapter 12 - Thrills and Chills

A wraith has infiltrated the carnival, endangering the patrons and workers.

Chapter 13 - The Truthspeakers

Coach and Suzie learn of an ominous prophecy that could be coming true, and they have to investigate before disaster comes.

Chapter 14 - The Road So Far

Coach and Suzie join the Manchesters in a car ride where they share information and make plans regarding a prophecy